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As the effects of global warming become more pronounced, we are experiencing extreme weather which includes longer and hotter summers. This has increased our dependency on Air Conditioning as we try to cool down our inside environments and maintain our levels of comfort.

Statistical evidence shows how important air conditioning has become not only to Americans but to people throughout the world. For example, it is estimated there are 1.9 billion existing air conditioning systems globally and the entire global market size is USD 106.60 billion. The American market is estimated to be USD 15.6 Billion, and 87% of American homes have air conditioning installed by air conditioning experts like Air Conditioning Installation Waltham, Newton.

Here are some of the problems which can occur typically occur when installing an air conditioning system.

Modern air conditioners are a larger size.
Modern air conditioners are generally 20 to 50% larger than older air conditioners. This increased size is a result of modern air conditioners containing a larger coil which increases the efficiency of the unit.  

The increased size of modern air conditioners installed by Air Conditioning Installation Waltham, Newton will often mean that a new location has to be found for the air conditioner because the area for your current air conditioner is not large enough for the new model. There are also government regulations that must be taken into consideration.

Government regulations dictate that there, must be a certain distance between the utility meter and the air conditioner, plus there are space and clearance requirements. Increased size can make installation difficult which is one reason you should always use installation experts like Air Conditioning Installation Waltham, Newton.

A professional estimator is involved in reviewing all the factors that will affect the installation of an air conditioning system and estimating a price for the installation.

The estimate is passed onto the installation team together with any technical recommendations. This enables the installation team to plan in advance and determine exactly what specialty tools will be needed to ensure a smooth installation.  

Reviewing the job details
When conducting an aircon installation, the team leader will often share the job details with the customer. The job details are important because they allow the installation team to thoroughly plan the installation in advance. The job details will include equipment information, information about accessories that will need to be installed, and any special instructions.  

Reviewing the job details supplied by Air Conditioning Installation Waltham, Newton is an important part of the installation process because it allows potential problem areas to be identified and it helps eliminate mistakes, saving you time and money.  

Removing the existing air conditioner.
An essential part of any replacement air conditioner installation is removing the refrigerant of the existing aircon. Removing the refrigerant is a complicated procedure and can only be done by a certified EPA professional.

To remove the refrigerant the Air Conditioning Installation Waltham, Newton installation team will utilize specialized equipment like a recovery machine and a recovery tank.

After removing the refrigerant, the next job is to disconnect the wiring. Disconnecting the wiring will involve removing it from the disconnect box and after it has been removed the team This means that the installation team at Air Conditioning Installation Waltham Newton will either replace your existing box or install a new one.

Preparation is the key element.
When installing an air conditioning system, the professionals at Air Conditioning Installation Waltham Newton always properly prepare. Proper preparation will involve making the ground level which is done by preparing a gravel base which is then overlayed with a composite pad. The composite pad is designed to absorb vibrations, reduce noise and increase stability.

Installing the new copper refrigerant lines.
The refrigerant lines are both copper lines with one line being insulated. The insulated line is called the suction line and the non-insulated line is called the liquid line. Installation professionals like those at Air Conditioning Installation Waltham Newton will install the refrigerant line making sure to minimize bends in the line and securing the line every 4 to 6 feet. 

Set the condenser
The next step in the installation is to fit the refrigerant lines to the service valve.

The service valve acts as the connection point for the line set, it isolates the refrigerant and isolates the outdoor condenser from the indoor coil and line set. After being fitted to the service valves, the line set is then brazed onto the valve which melts the line and valve together forming a tight and leak-free connection.

Install the filter dryer
The filter dryer serves two important functions, absorbing moisture and providing filtration. When installing a new air conditioner, the experts at Air Conditioning Installation Waltham Newton will install a liquid line filter drier into the refrigeration system.

The filter drier will be installed as close to the expansion valve as possible, thereby ensuring the filter drier is not exposed to the elements and protect it from rusting.

Other areas included in an air conditioning installation include installing the high and low-voltage wiring and installing the condensate drain line.

The installation of an air conditioning HVAC system is labor-intensive and requires special skills and knowledge and professionally certified installers like those at Air Conditioning Installation Waltham Newton
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