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As the world experiences climate change and global warming things are heating up and our reliance on air conditioning is increasing. We are relying on air conditioning to cool our indoor environments and maintain our levels of comfort.

Our dependency on air conditioning is clearly demonstrated by statistical evidence. There are an estimated 1.9 billion existing air conditioning systems globally and the global market size is estimated to be USD 106.60 billion. In America, the market size is estimated at USD 15.6 Billion and approximately 87% of American homes have air conditioning installed by professional installers such as Air Conditioning Installation Watertown.  

Definition of aircon
An air conditioner can be defined as a machine that alters the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in an inside environment. Typically, an air conditioner will be used to cool an inside environment and maintain comfort.

An air conditioner generates cool air by extracting heat and humidity from the indoor environment, this is then expelled to the outside while at the same time air is drawn in, cooled, and blown into the inside environment.

There are approximately 5.9 million split aircon units were installed in America in 2020 by local installation companies like Air Conditioning Installation Watertown.

Factors to consider when installing an air conditioning system
There are many factors that come into consideration when dealing with air conditioning and these factors can be grouped under two general umbrella themes, installation and maintenance/repair. When installing an air conditioning system always use local experts like Air Conditioning Installation Watertown.

Air conditioning is divided into two types, centralized and single units. Centralized air conditioning cools air at a central location and then distributes it throughout a structure using a fan to blow the cooled air through a system of vents and ducts.

Single units are single air conditioning units located in a room and designed to cool the nearby surroundings. A single aircon unit will only cool one specific area., and the most common form is what is referred to as the Split air conditioner.
Typically, residential homes will install a split-air, aircon. Here are some of the problems which may an air conditioning installation conducted by Air Conditioning Installation Watertown

Size matters
As they said in the movie Godzilla, ‘size matters’ and the same is true, especially for the installation of a centralized air conditioning unit. Modern air conditioners are often between 20 to 50% larger than their predecessors. This increased size means that the air conditioner will include a larger coil which increases its efficiency but may cause installation problems. Size normally becomes a factor when the installation team from Air Conditioning Installation Watertown has to replace an older aircon system with a new one.

It is often the case when installing a new air conditioner that a new location has to be found and this may occur because the existing area holding your current aircon is not large enough for the new model or because there are government regulations regarding the distance to the utility meter or space clearance requirements. This is one important reason why you should use professionals like Air Conditioning Installation Watertown to install your air conditioning system.

Bring in the estimator.
The estimator has the important job of reviewing your existing air conditioning system or reviewing the area where you intend to place the aircon unit and estimating an installation price. This is important because it gives you the customer a much idea how much the installation will cost.

The estimate is passed onto the installation team along with any recommendations. This enables the installation team to plan in advance and ensure they bring any special tools that may be needed.

An accurate estimation from professional installation companies like Air Conditioning Installation Watertown helps ensure a fast and accurate installation.

Review the job details.
When the installation team arrives the team leader will share details of the job with you. This will involve information about the equipment they will be using during the installation, accessories that will need to be installed, and any special instructions that may have been given by the estimator.

This is an important element of the installation because it gives you and the team leader a chance to spot and head off any potential problem areas, and it can help in eliminating mistakes during the installation which saves you time and money.

Reviewing the job details also gives the other Air Conditioning Installation Watertown team members a chance to get their tools ready and lay down floor protection and initiate safety procedures such as turning off all electrical circuits and the gas which is connected to your previous HVAC system. 

Removing your current air conditioner.
All air conditioners have refrigerant that needs to be removed prior to the new aircon unit being installed. This can only be done by a professional who is EPA certified as there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure the refrigerant does not escape into the atmosphere.

A team of professionals like those at Air Conditioning Installation Watertown will use specialized equipment like a recovery machine and a recovery tank to remove the refrigerant.

When the refrigerant is removed the installation team will then disconnect all electrical wiring. All modern air conditioners come with a disconnect box as it is now illegal to install an air conditioning unit without one.  This means that the installation team at Air Conditioning Installation Watertown will either replace your existing box or install a new one.

Only after the refrigerant has been removed and the disconnect box turned off then the air conditioning unit can be removed.

Preparation is essential
In installations conducted by Air Conditioning Installation Watertown preparation of the area accommodating the new air conditioning unit will be required.  This preparation will often involve leveling the ground where the new aircon will stand (this will involve using a gravel base) and a composite pad is laid over the ground. These composite pads are strong, durable and they absorb vibrations which reduces noise and shaking.

Installing a centralized air conditioning system is a complicated procedure best left to professionals. Professionals such as those at Air Conditioning Installation Watertown will deal with a wide range of procedures including;
  • Removing the indoor evaporator coil
  • Removing the existing Line Set (copper refrigerant wires)
  • Installing a new evaporator coil
  • Installing new refrigerant lines
  • Setting the new condenser
  • Installing the filter dryer
  • Installation of new high and low voltage wiring
  • Installing the condensate drain line
  • Cleaning and closing process
Keeping cool can be hot work but once your new air conditioning system is installed by Air Conditioning Installation Watertown you will be able to enjoy many hours in cool comfort even when it’s sweltering outside.
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