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With climate change upon us, we are experiencing more and more extreme weather conditions. Traditionally hot and cold areas are experiencing record highs and lows. As a result of the increasing variation in temperatures, our dependency on air conditioning has also increased.

A quick look at the stats confirms the global warming phenomenon. In New Orleans, America’s most air-conditioned state, 99.5% of homes are air-conditioned, and in 2019 5.36 million air-conditioning systems were shipped to New Orleans.

It is estimated that 87% of homes across the US have an air-conditioner and in 2020 the US air conditioner market was estimated to be USD 15.16 billion and the global sales for air-conditioning units amounted to USD 106.60 billion in 2020.

Given our increased dependency on air-conditioning, it makes sense that we constantly maintain and repair our air-conditioning units so they can run at peak efficiency and reduce operating costs. For this purpose always use recognized repair professionals such as Air Conditioner Repair Watertown.

Air Conditioning Defined.
An air conditioner is a mechanical unit that controls the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building or vehicle. Typically, an air conditioner will be used to cool down the atmosphere when hot conditions prevail.

An air conditioner generates cool air by sucking in heat and humidity from the indoor air and returning cool air in its place. The hot and humid air is expelled into the outside environment and replaced by the newly generated cool air in the inside environment.

Air conditioning repair.
An air conditioner is a mechanical unit composed of electrical and moving parts, consequently, it needs to be maintained and repaired by HVAC professionals.  

Here are some typical areas where air conditioning units experience problems and will need maintenance and Air Conditioner Repair Watertown.  

When an air-conditioner is in constant use it can sometimes malfunction. A common malfunction that results from constant use is the malfunction of the “switch off” function. To protect your AC and maintain it operating at peak efficiency, an AC should be periodically switched off and scheduled for maintenance and repair by Air Conditioner Repair Watertown.

This malfunction can be caused by a number of factors including problems with the thermostat, compressor, air filters, or electrical parts. It is essential that air conditioners are maintained and subject to Air Conditioner Repair Watertown.

Air-Conditioner not turning on
As the climatic conditions become more and more variable there’s nothing worse than having an air-con that won’t start. There’s power coming through because all the other electrical appliances work, but no air-con. When this happens it’s time to call Air Conditioner Repair Watertown

This is a worrying situation and the next thing you know you’re breaking out in a sweat. Especially if you live in a tropical or semi-tropical area of the US.

Sweltering summers are no fun when your, air-conditioning works intermittently and even less fun when it won’t turn on at all. Normally this is caused by a circuit breaker being tripped or loose wiring. 

For Air Conditioner repair Watertown get in contact with your HVAC specialist who has the specialist tools to diagnose and fix the problem.

No cool air:
It’s another boiling hot day and you turn your air-con on only to find there’s a mere whisper of cold air and after a while none at all. It’s enough to get even the coolest cat, hot under the collar unless you call Air Conditioner Repair Watertown.  

The majority of times the lack of cold air results from a tripped circuit breaker which is a comparatively easy fix. However, it can also be caused when a fan blower belt is loose or broken, or refrigerant levels are running low. 

This situation can be prevented by proactive maintenance or Air Conditioner repair Watertown conducted by specifically trained technicians.

Your aircon is blowing hot air.
Unfortunately, there are times when an air-conditioning system is like a blustering politician, full of hot air and no action. All joking aside, in the summer months when it’s sweltering hot you need to know your air-con is working as it should and blowing cool air.

Your air-con blowing hot air may be caused by a dirty filter or an obstruction in the ventilation ducts. Alternatively, it may that debris and dirt are causing the compressor to overheat and stop working, or it could be the levels of refrigerant are low.

The solution is to replace the air filters every two months or contact Air Conditioner repair Watertown to clean or replace the air filters and thoroughly clean the ventilation ducts.

The worrying leak.

Has there ever been an aircon that doesn’t at some time in its lifespan, spring a leak? We think not and from our extensive experience, we can confidently say a leaking aircon is a source of worry rather than a source of comfort.

The truth is, not all leaks are visible and they often cause damage without you being aware of it until the aircon stops working. However, there are some telltale signs Air Conditioner Repair Watertown can look for such as brightly colored stains which usually indicate a refrigerant leak. And if there is excessive moisture this will normally indicate leaking water.

Leaks can be caused by degraded links and connections and the solution is to call Air Conditioner Repair Watertown check the refrigerant levels, clean and unblock the drainage pipes and condenser pipes.

If your air conditioner is running low on refrigerant turn it off immediately as low refrigerant levels can cause damage to the compressor which is the most expensive part to replace.

Condenser coil freezing over

Another common problem is the condenser coil freezing over. When a condenser coil becomes covered with ice this is a sure sign it has frozen over. This happens because the air conditioner is having to work too hard.

An air conditioner working too hard can be caused by a number of factors but the most common is dirty filters or condenser units. The solution to this is to have a technician from Air Conditioner Repair Watertown check the ventilation ducts for obstructions and thoroughly clean the ducts, filters, and blower fan.

Other common problems that occur in air conditioning systems are the unit turning on and off, the air conditioner repeatedly tripping the circuit breaker, bad odors, and weird smells coming from the air conditioning unit.

To fix these and all air conditioner problems keep your cool and contact Air Conditioner Repair Watertown the HVAC experts who will be there when you need them most.
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