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With the onset of climate change, extreme weather conditions are becoming the norm, and the earth is experiencing a greater variety of temperature and climate conditions. This means that in areas normally experiencing a variety of climatic conditions, the variation has become more extreme.

For example, an HVAC company in Watertown, or an HVAC company in Waltham Massachusetts has thanks to climate change and the occurrence of extreme weather conditions experienced a steady increase in demand for their services.  

An HVAC system is a mechanical system that controls the inside climatic conditions such as temperature and air circulation. An efficient HVAC system moderates and controls your environment, specifically the temperature, thereby minimizing the effect of extreme climate conditions.

What is HVAC
HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Basically, an HVAC system installed by an HVAC company in Watertown or Waltham will have two primary purposes. The first purpose is to moderate the temperature of the environment inside a building. Depending upon the prevailing conditions an HVAC system will either cool or heat an inside environment.

The second purpose of an HVAC system is ventilation. Ventilation is air circulation and it involves the movement of air between indoor and outdoor areas. Ventilation systems installed by an HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham will always contain an air cleaning filtration system so as to help you stay healthy, and control humidity levels.

Different types of HVAC systems:
There are two types of HVAC systems, a radiant system where the components are separated, or a single-unit system where all the different components are integrated into one single system.

Typically, a radiant system or ductless system implemented by an HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham will be comprised of different units such as window and standalone air conditioners which control the temperature and the condition of the air in a single room. Often a radiant system will feature a number of different air conditioning systems each dedicated to a particular area. Perhaps the most common example of this is the wall-mounted mini-split air conditioner.

An HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham will normally install a single centralized HVAC system in homes and larger buildings. This single centralized HVAC system will control the temperature, air quality, and air circulation (ventilation) throughout an entire building.  

Different HVAC heating systems.
An HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham will most often be involved in installing an HVAC heating system.  There are three different recognized forms of HVAC heating systems the first of which is the Hydronic system.
A Hydronic HVAC system is one that uses a boiler that pumps hot water through the floors and the walls to heat up a building.

The Hydronic HVAC system that transfers heat through liquid is more efficient than other systems and therefore cheaper to run. Another definite advantage of a Hydronic HVAC heating system is that it distributes heat uniformly, meaning that all areas of a room are warmed the same, as opposed to having hot and cold patches.

An HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham will often specialize in the installation of hydronic systems because in a cold climate the hydronic system will supply heat to areas like the floors and walls which gives people a feeling of being cozy and luxuriously comfortable.

There are also some disadvantages associated with a Hydronic HVAC heating system.

The first disadvantage is that the initial outlay is substantial or put another way, purchasing the boiler and pipes then having them installed by an HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham, can run up to $20,000 or more depending on the size of the installation.

Hydronic HVAC systems require consistent maintenance, they can only supply dry heat and there is a propensity for the heated air to get stale because it is not circulated.

Another type of HVAC heating system is what is called a forced-air heating system. This HVAC system uses a furnace to heat the air and then forces it to circulate through a ductwork system. 

The advantages of a forced-air HVAC heating system are that it represents a comparatively small initial investment. An HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham can install a forced-air system that heats an entire house for under $11,000. A forced-air system filters air through electronic or pleated filters and this ensures good air quality, plus it can do in-line humidification, meaning you can humidify the air using the forced-air HVAC system.

The faults of a forced-air HVAC system include the fact that it is noisy, it distributes heat unevenly and if not meticulously cleaned a forced-air HVAC heating system can actually trigger allergies and illness.

The third type of HVAC system is the ductless mini-split system. This is a split air conditioning system that can be used to heat or cool. The ductless mini-split system is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. An HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham will normally install mini-split heating systems because the climate is colder, whereas in Arizona or Florida the mini-split HVAC system will be installed for cooling purposes.

The HVAC ductless mini-split system has the following advantages: They are the perfect HVAC option for a single room that either gets too hot or too cold. The mini-split systems are also highly efficient as they use refrigeration pipes to force air circulation.

An HVAC company in Watertown or an HVAC company in Waltham can install a mini-split system that heats the entire house. This can represent a substantial initial investment and users must calculate the amount of heat that will be needed otherwise a mini-split system will lose efficiency. Like a Hydronic system, a mini-split system cannot humidify or filter the air and the mini-split system does not operate efficiently in temperatures below fifteen degrees.

One notable HVAC company in Watertown Massachusetts is Kens HVAC service. Kens specializes in the installation of heating air conditioners and refrigeration HVAC units. The installation will be done quickly and efficiently and comes with a guarantee.

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